Introduction To Python

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Introduction To Python

What is Python?

Python is an Open Source, high-level, general-purpose programming language that is easy to read and powerful. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991.

  • Python is an interpreted language, which does not need to be compiled to run.

  • Python is a high-level language that will make a programmer focus on what to do instead of how to do it.

  • Python has been designed to emphasize on code readability with its significant use of white space.

  • Writing programs in Python is less time consuming compared to any other language.

  • It has a huge library of built-in modules that makes the code really small and big things can be done in a few lines of code.

  • It has fantastic documentation available here

In short, Python is best for beginners.

Advantages of Python over any other Programming Language:

The following are the benefits of Python that make this programming language have an edge over other languages and which has led to an increase in its popularity and use at its inception stage itself.

  • Python is compatible with all major operating systems.

  • It is open-source i.e no licensing fee required.

  • Lots of third-party modules available to use.

  • Can be used as procedural, functional as well as an object-oriented language

  • Can automate tasks same as Bash scripts for Unix operating systems

  • It is a multi-purpose language and can be used for variety of purpose

Where to use Python Language?

Well virtually Python can be used anywhere, below are few use cases

  • Searching for files and editing them

  • Scraping information from websites

  • Reading and Editing excel files and PDF

  • Automate emails and text messages

  • Can be used to analyze large data sets and create visualizations

  • Perform machine learning tasks

  • Web Development

And the list goes on ......

So we know now that how beautiful Python is and trust me you can go leaps and bounds in your career if you know python.

The older version of Python is Python 2.x (which is now End of Life). This course is completely on Python 3.x. But we will discuss differences between both the two versions in the upcoming article.


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