Learn to Communicate with your Brain


The Eye Roll Technique Exercise

Use this Eye Roll Technique whenever you want to communicate with your brain

  1. Please sit comfortably in quiet private surroundings where you will not be disturbed.

  2. Put both feet on the floor.

  3. Separate your hands and put one on each lap.

  4. Take three deep breaths.

  5. Focus on the EXHALE portion of your breath.

  6. Close your eyes.

  7. Roll your eyes to the top of your head until you feel a bit of eye strain.

  8. Relax your eyes and keep them closed.

  9. Say "Hello" to your brain.

  10. Ask your brain to answer some questions that are important to you, to provide insights you need to make a decision or to suggest possible solutions to problems you may be struggling with.


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