Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Hey there! , hope you are doing good and enjoying with your best buddy i.e. terraform. This is part nine of our series of articles on Terraform. Please feel free to go back and read those as well for better understanding.

Terraform Cloud manages Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment with various features like access controls, private registry for sharing modules, policy controls, and others.


Terraform workflow

Terraform Cloud offers a team-oriented remote Terraform workflow, designed to be comfortable for existing Terraform users and easily learned by new users. The foundations of this workflow are remote Terraform execution, a workspace-based organizational model, version control integration, command-line integration, remote state management with cross-workspace data sharing, and a private Terraform module registry.

Remote Terraform Execution

Terraform Cloud runs Terraform on disposable virtual machines in its own cloud infrastructure. Remote Terraform execution is sometimes referred to as "remote operations."

Remote execution helps provide consistency and visibility for critical provisioning operations. It also enables powerful features like Sentinel policy enforcement, cost estimation, notifications, version control integration.

Remote state management, data sharing and run triggers

Terraform Cloud acts as a remote backend for your Terraform state. State storage is tied to workspaces, which helps keep the state associated with the configuration that created it.

Terraform Cloud also enables you to share information between workspaces with root-level outputs. Separate groups of infrastructure resources often need to share a small amount of information, and workspace outputs are an ideal interface for these dependencies.

Version control integration

Seamless integration with GitHub/GitLab

Cost estimation

Provides an insight into the cost that would be incurred when the resources will be created.

Overview of Terraform Sentinel policy

Sentinel is an embedded policy-as-code framework integrated with the HashiCorp Enterprise products.

It enables fine-grained, logic-based policy decisions, and can be extended to use information from external sources.

Note: Sentinel policies are a paid feature.

Policy can be anything that we desire like check if ec2 instance has a tag or not.

Terraform Cloud is available as a hosted service at https://app.terraform.io.

Create a free tier account and you can explore the console

Congratulations !!! We are done with the course. In the next article, we will discuss important points to stress before you go for an exam.

Code is available at: LINUXADVISE GITHUB REPO

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